Fuck me .by. Anna
Dear my Darling

dear my darling , my everything

i just want to be something special for you

can´t you see me the same way , i do?

can´t you see myself dying inside?

i hate you

only for a second

i want to kill you

only for a second

my thougts are full of violence

but my love is too strong

to give up something special like you

my hope is holding me, so strange

i´m too proud to tell

i´m too proud to cry

in front of you

for you i opend my soul

my heart

my world

why can´t you show me your love?

i´m dreaming of holding hands and kissing lovely

you should take care of me

your smile make me happy...

and agressive

i hate my fears

i want to scream out

i want to shout at you

i just want to be your fuckin´princess

voglz <3

21.5.07 21:59

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